No Stadium Commercialization, No Additional Night Events!

For Quality Education and Neighborhood Preservation

Pro Point Loma is your neighborhood group concerned withScreen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.28.18 PM the preservation of the uniquely suburban-feeling neighborhood of Loma Portal.  Our current focus is on the expansion and commercialization of the Point Loma High School Stadium. The San Diego Unified School District is on a fast track to turn the High School Stadium into a rentable sports event & practice venue. Imagine Petco Park at Point Loma High School.

The project includes:

  • Expansion of capacity with a minimum of 500 extra seats, bringing the seating capacity to 2,500
  • Addition of a professional press box on top of the bleachers
  • Installation of a commercial PA sound system
  • Construction of additional ticket booths and concession stands
  • Installation of 60 floodlights on four 90 foot light towers

The project will result in:

Pro Point Loma supports the hIgh school and its mission to provide a quality educational and extracurricular experience in a safe and clean neighborhood community.  We also support the one Homecoming night event that is held each year with temporary lights – despite its many impacts, this one event is particularly important to the school community and is part of the compromise reached between the school & neighborhood in the early 2000′s with regard to night activity at the stadium.

Pro Point Loma does not support an expansion in the scale, frequency, and intensity of use of the Point Loma High School Stadium at the expense of thousands of neighborhood residents’  quality of life – especially an expansion in which the stadium may be used more by non-school groups than by the students themselves (as is the case at other SDUSD high schools.)  As the most intensely overdeveloped school site in the district and the only high school where three property lines consist of residential backyards, Point Loma High School is simply not an appropriate location for an event venue of the type that is being proposed.

Pro Point Loma needs your active participation.  To add your name to the growing list of supporters who want to preserve Loma Portal for future generations, or for more information, email us at or complete our contact form.

We Love Loma Portal. Sunny Days. Safe Nights. 


11 thoughts on “No Stadium Commercialization, No Additional Night Events!

  1. Don and Carol Hildre

    No more traffic…it’s bad enough that high school kids park cars all over neighborhood every school day…drive like a bat out of hell after school paying no attention to stop signs or people walking their dogs or children …if this goes in at nite it would endanger our lives and property…we need more traffic controls now in areas where these kids use some streets without traffic controls as throughfares with no regards for speed or pedestrian . No lites at PLHS and more traffic controls are the answer …

  2. Randy Aron

    This area is simply too small for a stadium venue more than what is currently in place for the school. We do not need any commercialization to “rent” the stadium. There is simply no parking….anywhere.
    We have lived here for 10 years and we simply say no to the expansion,
    Hilary and Randy on Willow st.

  3. Christian

    Let the kids play!!!!!!! 🏈

  4. Daniela

    We heard something about plans to build a parking structure. Is this true? Does anyone know the proposes location of it?

  5. Pro Point Loma

    The only documentation *at present* is a planning document from several years ago showing the destruction of 6 area homes (including one historically designated structure) to construct a single-story underground parking structure. We are awaiting additional information from the SDUSD. Update 9/18: At tonight’s planning meeting SDUSD board member Scott Barnett said that there are no specific plans to build a parking structure, rather that a parking structure on campus is one of many options under consideration. Barnett said he is not aware of any district consideration of eminent domain as it relates to the PLHS site.

  6. Gail Kersgard

    There is no parking to support additional cars and traffic. If expansion is approved, all street parking should be restricted by permit for residents only as is in place in Hillcrest.
    Additional traffic , cars and night activities will be detrimental to our neighborhood.

  7. I do think the improvements are a good idea for our kids and our school. As long as the improvements are done with strict guidelines and limitations based on the needs of our neighborhood, I think the enhancements would be a win win for our community and potentially address some of the existing traffic/parking issues.

  8. Deanna

    Bringing more traffic and noise into Point Loma is a terrible idea. Stating the obvious, we live on a peninsula which is already impacted by too much noise and traffic. We have it coming in from all sides including Ocean Beach, Sports Arena, and Rosecrans Avenue. I will admit to living close to Rosecrans which is a little further than most folks in the immediate area of PLHS but my husband and I already contend with traffic and noise from the airport, the military, Humphrey’s concerts, the Rock Church, marathons, walk-a-thons, Hi-Tech High, not to mention the ongoing water-main breaks at the intersection of Rosecrans and Nimitz which are always repaired at night.

    Besides the constant nuisance endured by the noise pollution, don’t forget that we have no emergency rooms nearby. The closest ones are UCSD, Scripps Mercy and Sharp Memorial. If there were any major disasters in our area, the ability of emergency responders to get to some areas of PL could be greatly hindered by the traffic.

    Enough is enough. Stop trying to cram so many people into one small area. We can’t let our quality of life be further eroded by decision makers that don’t even live in this area and frankly, couldn’t care less about the people that do live here.

  9. Roger Beauchaine

    Mr Barnett repetedly said that it was the law that the SDUSD make school sites available for commnity use. What are the hours for community access to the track at PLHS to do some jogging?
    R. Beauchaine

  10. The football stadium at Clairemont HS was completely rebuilt and includes four 100 foot light towers and a massive PA system. It has ruined our neighborhood! Many residents have had to leave their homes during games because of the PA sound level. The field has been rented out nearly every night for 3 months now and I no longer enjoy going in my back yard at night because of the light intensity. Many summer evenings are difficult to bare because we can’t open our windows to cool our homes when a game is in progress, the sound system is extremely loud. We, the residents, were never asked, interviewed or informed about the up coming stadium lights and PA system. It was built and turned on before we had knowledge of it. We HATE the lights and PA! We’ve written emails to the school administration and have had little or no response back. One family has moved away and another is moving out in a few months to escape the lights and noise.

  11. I read the e-mails and posts, have attended Pro Point Loma meetings and financially support the efforts to maintain our neighborhood, and the efforts made by the High School to offer a positive atmosphere for learning.
    That said I am also sure that what the ruling members of SDUSD are doing is pure and simple bullying. They the board has shown that they have no interest in listening or compromising with the various communities that are suffering. They are making it clear that they have no interest in working with any community . They don’t give a damn about our streets or safety or how much noise we will endure.
    Would it not be helpful if we the citizens form a city wide community group to force compromise? If Clairemont, Talmadge, Point Loma and any other area threatened with these conditions come together and act as one entity couldn’t we effect change? No community is saying they are against upgrades to their schools but that the school must fit into the community. Perhaps strength in numbers is needed to stop the bullying behavior.

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