Background Information

On 6.7 acres cradled by homes, Point Loma High School is the smallest high school campus in the San Diego Unified School District. It is the only high school in the district that shares multiple property lines with single-family homes, giving students the rare opportunity to attend school in a true neighborhood setting. Acknowledging its proximity to private residences, the school district has maintained a tradition of daytime events.

Now, however, the San Diego Unified School District wants to install permanent stadium lighting to hold unlimited year-round nighttime events for students and outside groups. Despite its public assurances to the community it will not install permanent lighting (Click here and Click here for documents), the district has plans to add permanent stadium lighting, demolish homes to build additional playing fields and expand the size and scope of nighttime events.  Click here to view district documents obtained through the California Records Act.

Nighttime Events Create Safety Hazards 

Based on the outcomes of hosting one night game a year since 2005, the school has proven nighttime events create hazards that threaten the safety of people and property, and degrade the community’s quality of life.

Crime, vandalism, packs of adults roaming dark streets, public intoxication and drug use, public urination, traffic hazards, trash and trespassing have all been documented as a direct result of the event. (Click here)

Permanent stadium lighting would increase the scale, density and intensity of nighttime (and daytime) events and magnify their impacts, irrevocably eroding the quality of life in Loma Portal, Point Loma Heights and Ocean Beach. Narrow residential streets would become a parking lot for the facility, since Point Loma High School lacks on-campus parking for even its own staff. Light pollution would leave a permanent blemish in the night sky from Loma Portal to Ocean Beach.

Preserving History & Heritage

Pro Point Loma is for quality education not neighborhood degradation. Preserving Loma Portal for future generations is not about being against something; it’s about being for the history, heritage and quality of life everyone in the Peninsula community enjoys.


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