Homecoming Suggestions & Time Change

This past Tuesday, three Pro Point Loma representatives attended a meeting at PLHS to discuss the upcoming homecoming night game.  We were pleased to be included in the discussion, and brought with us 7 pages of suggestions (as well as discussion on the pros & cons of each) on ways to make the experience more positive for area residents and safer for attendees while also not imposing on strained school budgets and overworked school staff.  These suggestions were gathered together from many Pro Point Loma members.  We also included discussion of some of the solutions that have been proposed by other groups and individuals.  Many suggestions (from all sources) are just not feasible or cost-effective.  The suggestions that we felt would have the greatest impact for the least expenditure of effort are highlighted in green.

Read the most recent version of the document here: Homecoming Event Management Suggestions (Oct 22 2013)
Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to go over many of these suggestions.  At the start of the meeting we learned that that the decision had just been made to move the game to daytime (2:30 PM start).  The school district had apparently been exploring plans to close off residential streets during the game and provide shuttle service to and from other school parking lots, as well as providing extensive police presence and dozens of temporary event trash cans.  While we very much appreciate that attention is being paid at the District level to the impacts of this one annual night event on the surrounding residential area, it would have been preferable to consult first with those directly affected by the impacts on whether these measures were desirable or necessary.  For example, banning all non-resident street parking/closing access to residential streets is not something Pro Point Loma suggested or would advise, as it is very costly, difficult to implement, and has the potential to create  more problems than it solves.
We defer to Principal Becker’s judgment on the decision to move the Homecoming game time, as he is the best position to know what is right for the students.  However, we would not oppose the game being held in the evening as originally planned.

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