About Us

About Pro Point Loma

Pro Point Loma is a volunteer community organization formed to connect, educate, and empower residents of Loma Portal to effectively represent their interests in preserving the unique way of life in this historic neighborhood. Many neighborhood land use issues currently relate to the overdevelopment of the Point Loma High School site (one of the most crowded in the district and the only one with three property lines that weave in and out of single family residential backyards.)  Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to provide a quality education on the overcrowded site without creating problems in the surrounding neighborhood.  With each new expansion in school site use,  the neighborhood (up to 1 mile around the school site) is increasingly affected by traffic, parking, trash, noise, student pedestrian safety, and other problems.  While our immediate focus is on facilitating community feedback on the proposed stadium complex project, our goal is to build a broader neighborhood organization that can be proactive in supporting the preservation of the neighborhood and that can engage positively with major land use ‘stressors’ in the area.  We are oriented toward pursuing collaborative, structural solutions to neighborhood land use problems rather than those that place the effort and expense entirely on area residents or those that create ongoing financial obligations to the city, school district, or residents.

Pro Point Loma is governed by a five-person volunteer board and daily operations are supported by a volunteer treasurer and secretary as well as various committee chairs.
About Loma Portal

Plotted in the 1920s, Loma Portal is the gateway to Point Loma (hence its name, which is Latin for gate). Served by City Council District 2, Loma Portal is a ‘walking neighborhood’ that is known for its safety, its quiet residential feel despite proximity to a major city, and its idyllic setting between the breezes of San Diego Bay and the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The small-town, family-friendly atmosphere of Loma Portal is like no other place in San Diego. Its eclectic architecture of homes runs the gamut from Spanish to Tudor and California Bungalow. Pride of ownership, in many cases by generations of families, is evident from well-maintained homes and landscaping. Iconic turn-of-the-century lamp posts in the middle of streets stand as a testament to the area’s history and heritage.

The neighborhood is also distinguished by its unique street names. East/west streets are named after authors, from Alcott to Zola. North/South streets bear the names of flora like Poinsettia and Willow.

After Loma Portal was established as a residential neighborhood, two schools were built: Loma Portal Elementary School and Point Loma High School. Loma Portal is the only place in the San Diego Unified School District where schools and homes share multiple property lines, giving students the rare experience of learning in the safety and support of a residential neighborhood.

The last neighborhood of its kind in America’s Finest City, Loma Portal  defines the rich history, character and quality of life for which the Peninsula community is known. Preserving it for future generations will contribute to a vibrant and strong San Diego.


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