Real estate experts in Point Loma say homeowners within a half-mile of the PLHS campus may experience declines in value of 15% to 30% if the School District maximizes its conversion of the football field into a commercial stadium for rent, as the EIR and the project were approved to allow by the School Board on May 24 and July 12, 2016, despite neighbors’ concerns and the School District’s own EIR warning of adverse impacts.

To help our neighbors who are shouldering the cost of litigation to preserve the PLHS field for students, a $500 or $5,000 donation to Pro Point Loma would be well worth the investment to help avoid even a 10% decline in the value of our homes.

Please donate here using Pay Pal.  Or please send a check payable to Pro Point Loma, c/o 2174 Clove St., San Diego, CA 92106.  For more information, please contact us at propointloma@gmail.com.  Thank you!