“A significant and unavoidable noise impact is identified with the implementation of (the) proposed Athletic Facilities Upgrades,” the EIR warned the School Board, to no avail.

Loma Portal neighbors agree. The PLHS field redevelopment will make San Diego’s noisiest neighborhood even worse. With deafening aircraft already passing overhead an average of every 4.5 minutes, generating an average 24-hour CNEL of 66 decibels – and with most individual fly-overs so loud that buildings shake – the Loma Portal neighborhood already is living well beyond municipal code restrictions for residential zones. As approved, the project will compound and aggravate these noise levels that the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and San Diego Unified Port District already have spent millions of dollars to partially mitigate, although their Quieter Home program assisted residents on the east side of the campus and none on the west side closest to the field.

Acoustical engineer Dr. Leslie Penzes told the School Board the only way to prevent the redeveloped stadium from violating San Diego’s municipal noise ordinance is to build a dome, something the EIR consultants actually considered and rejected as too expensive.

Many of the neighbors of Clairemont High School said the penetrating, thumping bass noise of amplified music, and the foot-stomping of VAVi fans on aluminum bleachers – like the 500-seat aluminum bleachers being added to the PLHS stadium – were worse than the light brightening their bedrooms at night.




3 thoughts on “Noise

  1. People as far away as Hugo St and Rosecrans St have reported problems with noise when PA systems are used at the stadium. The location on the hill and the topography of the area makes sound carry much farther than expected.

  2. The current noise level, unamplified coach whistles, cheering, and the band playing can be heard for blocks already. I don’t mind hearing this noise, in fact I like hearing it, during the day. Just think how the sound will carry from an amplified sound system, especially at night.

  3. The Rock Church’s outdoor concerts; and other events at Liberty Station,
    These echo up the adjacent hillsides of Loma Portal quite regularly.
    Too much amplified, high decibel volume.

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