Illegal Use of Bond Funds

The San Diego Unified School District plans to purchase and install permanent stadium lights at PLHS with Proposition S money. Based on the Prop S bond text that taxpayers voted on, this is an illegal use of funds. On the election ballot, Proposition S was presented as follows:

“SAN DIEGO SCHOOL REPAIR AND SAFETY MEASURE. To improve every neighborhood school by; repairing outdated student restrooms, deteriorated plumbing and roofs; upgrading career/vocational classrooms and labs; providing up-to-date classroom technology; improving school safety/security; replacing dilapidated portable classrooms; upgrading fire alarms; and removing hazardous substances; shall San Diego Unified School District issue $2,100,000,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, requiring independent citizen oversight, annual audits, NO money for administrators, and bonds issued only if NO estimated tax increase?”

The issue of Proposition S funds not being able to be spent on stadium lights has been well established in the courts and is not a main focus of Pro Point Loma’s efforts.  However, it is important to pay attention to what bonds were presented as paying for and what the money is actually spent on.  Thousands of dollars are being spent pushing forward the planning on the controversial PLHS stadium expansion project, while students at PLHS suffer through leaking roofs and overcrowded classrooms.  Academic improvements and long-needed repairs to athletic facilities like the gym bleachers and roof should be prioritized over projects that provide mainly social benefits to students.


One thought on “Illegal Use of Bond Funds

  1. My daughter is a senior this year at PLHS. The GATE seminar classes were cancelled last year for all juniors and seniors due to lack of funds. Her AP Biology teacher spent almost the whole time at Open House talking about how she didn’t have the money to buy all the supplies she needed for the Labs. This year my daughter told me there are 57 kids in one English class, some sit on the floor. The computer system for registration screwed up virtually every students schedule and it won’t be straightened out for another 2 weeks. Even her Ceramics class requested $10 from each kid to buy the clay they need for the class. Proposition money needs to go to this sort of thing, I’m sick of seeing athletics especially football get priority treatment!

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