Safety and Crime

Spectators line up and crowd neighbors’ homes to enter the PLHS stadium. Note, no street lights.

The PLHS track and field are pretty unique, sharing property lines not with parking lots or parks or streets or canyons, but with people’s homes, literally their backyards. What used to be a relatively peaceful dark neighborhood at night is about to glow so bright that neighbors will be able to read indoors without lamps. Remember the Clairemont High School lights fiasco? The lights and sound system, of course, are designed to attract and entertain visitors from everywhere. Mostly, they’ll be teens (for school sports) and rowdy young adults (the renters).

Except to copy and paste the warnings of neighbors, the new EIR offered no professional warning that high school drivers are inexperienced drivers, nor that too many young drivers are distracted behind the wheel, nor that nighttime events often involve drinking, drug use, and, sadly, too often gang activity.

“Gangs don’t travel for afternoon football games; they just don’t. It’s a nighttime phenomenon and involves all ethnicities,” retired Police Officer Alan Leff advised the Peninsula Community Planning Board on Feb. 18, 2016, before the PCPB objected to the project in a letter to the School District’s EIR consultant.

In 1973, all night games were banned by the district due to increased violence and gang activities. Do you think gang activity has declined since then or grown exponentially?

Then there are the annoying petty crimes that accompany nighttime youth activity and even weekend daytime Pop Warner renters, thanks to the drinking dads. Neighbors have had to tolerate predictable souvenirs from PLHS field use: beer bottles on our lawns, trash, condoms, graffiti and vandalism.

Opening the field to frequent nighttime use exposes the neighbors to frequent nighttime abuse.


Trespassers take over a private yard to watch a PLHS Homecoming game.
Crime and Graffiti
Graffiti left after a PLHS night Homecoming game, back when mobile field lights were used inexpensively.


One thought on “Safety and Crime

  1. The City is again using the vacant lot on Clove St. for storing their equipment and have put up another fence. Just wait until this years Homecoming game, there will again be trespassers trying to see the field and I just bet the fence has grafitti on it after the game is over.

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