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Say NO to stadium lights at Point Loma High School!

Pro Point Loma, the Peninsula Community Planning Board (PCPB), Point Loma and Loma Portal residents filed comments on the DEIR.

Below are links to responses from PPL, PCPB and residents, as well as expert reports included in the PPL response.:

  • Pro Point Loma Response to the PLHS DEIR – Read Response Here (PDF)
  • Letter from the PCPB on behalf of the Point Loma community – Read Letter Here (PDF)
  • Expert report on the effect to the community of the proposed field lighting by nationally renowned light expert, Jim Benya – Read Report (PDF)
  • Expert report on the effect to the community of noise issues resulting from the professional PA system and expanded use of the athletic fields by nationally recognized expert, Dr. Leslie Penzes – Read Report (PDF)
  • Expert report on the impact of ground illumination to the community from the proposed field lighting by Dr. Wayne Wilson – Read Report (PDF)
  • Letter from the Shaw Family regarding parking, noise and traffic issues along with other relevant issues – Read Letter Here (PDF)
  • The PLHS draft Environmental Impact Report (Jan. 2016) – Read Report Here (PDF)  Please go to the District’s website to download the remaining appendices.
  • The Correia Middle School Sports Complex Final Environmental Impact Report (Sept. 2015) – Read Report Here (PDF)

 We encourage you to review other postings to this website made over the many years we have been engaged in this matter with the School District.

Sign this Petition

Despite vigorous community opposition, the San Diego Unified School District (School District) is still pushing to install permanent stadium lights on 4 poles up to 90 feet high at PLHS. The height of the poles and the light glare from 60 lights (15 huge lights on each pole) affect the safety of and present hazards to aircraft taking off and landing over Point Loma.

The School District, San Diego Police Department and the surrounding community have acknowledged the many safety hazards and disruptions that night events at PLHS bring to our community (such as traffic, noise, congestion, parking problems). Quality of life and safe neighborhoods matter!!

PLEASE! Sign the petition! Tell the School Board, the FAA and the San Diego Airport Authority:

“Safety FIRST – No stadium lights at PLHS creating hazards over Point Loma!”

Financial support is also needed. You may contribute funds online (we accept credit cards or PayPal)
Make a check out to PPL and mail it to PPL, 3509 Udall St., San Diego, CA 92106
or drop it off at US Bank (corner of Chatsworth and Voltaire).


No Stadium Commercialization
No Additional Night Events!

The project includes:

  • Expansion of capacity with a minimum of 500 extra seats, bringing the seating capacity to 2,500
  • Addition of a professional press box on top of the bleachers
  • Installation of a commercial PA sound system with elevated loudspeakers
  • Construction of additional ticket booths and concession stands
  • Installation of 60 floodlights on four 90 foot light towers

The project would result in:

Pro Point Loma supports the hIgh school and its mission to provide a quality educational and extracurricular experience in a safe and clean neighborhood community.  We also support the one Homecoming night event that is held each year with temporary lights – despite its many impacts, this one event is particularly important to the school community and is part of the compromise reached between the school & neighborhood in the early 2000’s with regard to night activity at the stadium.

Pro Point Loma does not support an expansion in the scale, frequency, and intensity of use of the Point Loma High School Stadium at the expense of thousands of neighborhood residents’  quality of life – especially an expansion in which the stadium may be used more by non-school groups than by the students themselves (as is the case at other SDUSD high schools.)  As the most intensely overdeveloped school site in the district and the only high school where three property lines consist of residential backyards, Point Loma High School is simply not an appropriate location for an event venue of the type that is being proposed.

Pro Point Loma needs your active participation.  To add your name to the growing list of supporters who want to preserve Loma Portal for future generations, or for more information, email us at propointloma@gmail.com or complete our contact form.

We Love Loma Portal. Sunny Days. Safe Nights.