Our ducks in a row

Our ducks are in a row for the draft PLHS EIR!


*  The PLHS draft EIR has been postponed yet again, and is now expected to be

      released at the end of May. The school district is waiting for the FAA determination

      regarding whether the 90’ light posts will be potential hazards for airplanes landing

      or taking off over the neighborhood.

We continue to work with technical experts on specific matters regarding the

      PLHS draft EIR.

*  PPL EIR committees will start meeting in April . We are wasting no time as we

      want to be up and running for the short 45day comment period that starts the day

      the PLHS draft EIR is released. Join a committee and together learn how to

      respond to the EIR in the area(s) of your greatest concern. Please email the

      committee chair directly, or email or call Dianne (dlane4785@gmail.com or

      619-225-8911) to let us know which committee you would like to join.  

EIR Committees:

Commercialization      Chair:   Allan Wasserman             

Lights, Looks & Litter   Chair:   Kathy Pratt (uofawildkats@aol.com)

Neighborhood Safety Chairs: Frank Cuenca and Linda Lloyd

                                          (frank_cuenca@hotmail.com and lindalloyd01@gmail.com

Noise                               Chair:  JennDariani (jenniferdariani@gmail.com)  

Parking & Traffic          Chair:  David Dick (daviddick@cox.net)

*  Compelling video of the impact of the night lights on neighbors of Clairemont

    High School. As a result of the renovations to the athletic fields, night rentals of the

     Clairemont High School athletic fields increased significantly. A sneak preview was

     presented at our recent fundraiser. Stay tuned for its posting to our updated website!

*  Join us April 5th as we reach out to educate our neighbors in La Cresta.

      Volunteers are needed to distribute fliers on doorsteps from 9:00-10:00 am.

      Please let us know if you can help by contacting us at propointloma@gmail.com.

Supporters!  Educate at least ONE friend or neighbor who treasures their quality of

life and doesn’t want to see an end to it. Have them go online and join the hundreds

of supporters we already have on board NOW!

Pro Point Loma: www.pro-pointloma.org


3509 Udall St., San Diego, CA 92106


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