“Petco in Point Loma”?

Several people have criticized our use of the  phrase ‘Petco in Point Loma’.  Here are the reasons we continue to use the phrase:

  • It is a catchy, alliterative phrase intended to communicate the incongruity of creating a ‘stadium complex’ on an overcrowded school site in the middle of a low-density, single-family residential neighborhood. The changes planned for the stadium will have an impact on the neighborhood and we need something up front to catch busy peoples’ attention.
  • Petco Park has approximately the same ratio of on-site parking spaces to capacity as would the proposed stadium complex at PLHS. Petco has onsite-parking equal to 5.7% of seat capacity and the proposed expanded capacity stadium at PLHS would have parking spaces equal to 5.4% of seat capacity.
  • Petco Park is a highly visible landmark to area residences. A lighted nighttime stadium at PLHS, by virtue of its location atop a hill, would also be a highly visible landmark across the peninsula. Shielded stadium lighting reduces light trespass in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, but does not eliminate glare or the long-distance visibility of the stadium.
  • We acknowledge that Sports Arena would be a better example in terms of overall capacity (the capacity of Sports Arena for amphitheater concerts, for example, is barely 2x that of the proposed expanded stadium at PLHS).  However, Sports Arena is not situated in a primarily residential area, while Petco Park is adjacent to downtown residential developments.  In addition, Sports Arena has ample on site parking, while Petco does not.
  • While it is true that the scale of Petco Park is an order of magnitude larger than the proposed capacity of the PLHS Stadium, the scale of development downtown in the vicinity of Petco Park is also several orders of magnitude greater than in the vicinity of PLHS. The ratio of Petco Park capacity to surrounding residential & hotel population density is similar to the ratio of proposed PLHS capacity to the surrounding neighborhood density.  In addition, the light standards at Petco Park are only significantly higher than the surrounding buildings on 2 sides of Petco Park, as opposed to all four sides with the PLHS Stadium.

In short, the intention with the phrase ‘Petco in Point Loma’ was not to suggest that expanding the PLHS stadium capacity by 25% and holding nighttime events would suddenly be attracting 10’s of thousands of spectators to Point Loma. It was  intended to communicate, quickly and concisely, that creating a stadium destination at PLHS capable of accommodating 25% more spectators and holding events in the evenings is incongruous with the residential character of the surrounding neighborhood and the overdevelopment of the school site.


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