Concerned community members in support of preserving the quality of life in Loma Portal & at Point Loma High School include:

Alan Leff

Albert Tamayo

Angela Shaw

Angie Guerra

Angie Poppe

Barbara Brown

Barbara Mathewson

Beverly Klose

Carol Hutto

Carol Simpson

Carole Garrett

Chris Jacobs

Cordelia Mendoza

Dave Easton

Diana Newhart

Dianne Lane

Don Carpenter

Don Cummins

Ed Vestal

Ed Vigneau

Eileen Emer

Eleanor Murillo

Elena Rucci

Frances Glaser

Frank Cuenca

Gibson Pratt

Greg Quint

Jackie Penacho

James Quint

Jeanne Faucon-Moors

Jennifer Dariani

Joan Cunningham

Johanna Seignious

John Holmes

Jon Cunningham

Judy Boyer

Judy Quint

Karen Reed

Karen Worthington

Karrie Sutton

Katherine Pothier

Kathy Pratt

Kent Schirmer

Lance Butze

Larry Penacho

LeAnn Jamison

Lena Jelusich

Linda Easton

Linda Lloyd

Linda Weber

Lisa Schirmer

Lou Ray Checkert

Lucy Borsenberger

Madeline Hossman

Margy West

Mark Mann

Mark Preece

Mary Cota

Melise Balastrieri

Mike Balastrieri

Mike Klose

Monica Zinchiak

Omeed Dariani

Pam Lynd

Patricia Mahoney

Rich Robbins

Richard Seignious

Robb Lane

Robert Crowden

Robert Longdyke

Roger Britt

Ronald Anderson

Rosemary Newton

Seth Miller

Stan Boyer

Steve Jamison

Suzanne Goycochea

Taxpayers For Accountable School Bond Spending

Vicki Robbins

Waskah Whelan

William Holland

(Please note this is a very partial list.) Act today and help preserve Loma Portal for future generations, email


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