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Email us at  propointloma@gmail.com

MAKE A CONTRIBUTION          The effort to preserve our community will require significant spending on advocacy, legal fees, and other expenses.  If you already feel strongly in favor of our efforts, please consider contributing through PayPal to our efforts with a gift of $100, $200, or $500.  Checks payable to “Pro Point Loma” may be mailed to 3512 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92106-1648.  Contributions (including anonymous ones) may also be made in person at the U.S. Bank at Chatsworth and Voltaire, account name: Pro Point Loma. Remember, if you make a deposit at the bank, it will remain anonymous unless you write your name at the bottom of the deposit slip.


PARTICIPATE          Participate in our efforts to uncover additional documentation on the stadium project and its impacts, reach out to neighbors who are unaware of the proposed changes to the neighborhood, and engage key decision makers to communicate neighborhood concerns and the work area residents have done on pursuing possible solutions.  

Join hundreds of other neighbors opposed to the commercialization of our neighborhood high school and the excessive noise, glare from stadium night light towers, increased traffic, congestion, crime and unacceptable daily disruption that would be compounded by frequent night use. Add your name to our growing list of concerned residents who support the preservation of our Point Loma neighborhoods. Take action to learn more about the proposed project, the cause for serious concern, and the facts behind those concerns. Learn what YOU specifically can do to help SAVE OUR NEIGHBORHOODS from the changes that would come with expanded day/night use of the PLHS athletic field. You will receive occasional informative emails with the latest news – truly the only way you can keep current on the issues.

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Tell us your primary concerns about the proposed PLHS stadium expansion project. We’d like to know!
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