What will the noise committee focus on?


  1. Noise pollution – PA system generated
    * Commercial-grade loudspeakers will be attached 45 feet up each of the four 90-foot light towers
      proposed as part of the stadium renovations

    * Repetitive, frequent PA announcements will now be broadcastover a wider area

    * Directing the speakers down will not mitigate the increase in sound because PLHS has never had
      loudspeakers of this magnitude and at this height

  2. Noise pollution – spectator generated
    * PLHS has never had permanent night lights, and therefore loud noise

    * The school district rents its high school stadiums on week day and weekend nights

    * These evening events can go to 10:00 or 11:00 pm

    * Noise from whistles, shouting, air horns, drums corps, pre-game music and foot-stomping on the
      proposed aluminum bleachers will be heard day and night

  3. Noise pollution – rental generated
    * Say goodbye to quiet evenings, holidays and summer week days and weekends as larger groups can
      rent the stadium once it’s up to commercial grade

    * Noise from whistles, shouting, air horns, pre-game music, and foot-stomping on the proposed
      aluminum bleachers will start at 7:00 am and last well into the evening on week days and weekends all
      summer long

  4. Noise pollution – traffic generated
    * Nighttime noise in the surrounding neighborhoods created by the influx of traffic

    * Buses with engines idling on our residential streets

    * People congregating loudly on our streets late into the night after activities

    * Horns honking, stereos blaring, tires squealing day and night


What can you do? Sign up for an EIR Committee:

Commercialization Chair: Allan Wasserman (Allan.Wasserman@fnf.com)

Lights, Looks & Litter Chair: Kathy Pratt (uofawildkats@aol.com)

Neighborhood Safety Chairs: Frank Cuenca and Linda Lloyd

(frank_cuenca@hotmail.com and lindalloyd01@gmail.com)

Noise Chair: Jenn Dariani (jenniferdariani@gmail.com)

Parking & Traffic Chair: David Dick (daviddick@cox.net)

Do you have a talent we can tap into?

To volunteer your services, please email us at propointloma@gmail.com.

Website: http://www.pro-pointloma.org


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