Why are PLHS and the Point Loma community different from other SDUSD high schools?

Say “NO!” to cookie cutter approaches to high school stadium renovations!  cookiecutter

PLHS is designated by the school district as a “high impact high school” and has one of the smallest footprints of any high school in the district. This means that there is little to no barrier between the school and the surrounding neighborhood. PLHS was originally placed in the middle of a growing community, as was common at that time.

There were, however, clear warnings as decades passed that this small campus was becoming ill-suited to accommodate the growing needs of its students and their activities. Rather than pursue an alternate site to enable it to fulfill future needs, the school district chose instead to build the high school up and out so that three sides of the campus now directly border on homes that were built at the same time as the original school in the 1920s and 30s. At that time the school and its fields were located in the far north-eastern section of the site, not next to the homes.

There is only parking on campus for 148 cars. The stadium holds 2,000 people and there are plans for a new bleacher to accommodate an additional 500 people. This places over 1,000 cars onto narrow residential streets at all times of the day and night.

What can you do?

Insist the school district be a good neighbor, as it was from 1925 to 2007. In 2007, the school district decided to increase rentals of school properties by building commercial-grade athletic facilities it can now rent out for non-school-related events for more money.

Demand that the school district not use a cookie cutter approach to renovations to the PLHS athletic fields and campus.

Demand the school district focus on academics and providing a safe environment for learning rather than making money.

Participate in the PLHS EIR review! (Commercialization; Lights, Looks & Litter; Neighborhood Safety; Noise; Parking & Traffic) by contacting PPL: infor@pro-pointloma.org. If you have already signed up, your committee captain will be in contact with you.

Go to http://pro-pointloma.org and read about the issues facing the community as a result of the school district’s plans to create a

commercial-grade athletic facility at PLHS. Please donate now to help cover our operating costs

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