Why commercial grade venues at the high school stadiums?

Why is the school district building commercial-grade athletic venues at its schools?  


It’s all about the money. The school district makes money by renting its school properties for non-school events.  

Did you know that the PLHS athletic fields are popular rentals?

This shouldn’t be a surprise since we get a steady ocean breeze which keeps temperatures on the fields nice and cool.

Did you know that in 2012, the PLHS fields were rented out for 193 hours of non-school events?

If the stadium project is completed we can expect the rentals to increase significantly, especially in the summer when school is out. Just look at San Diego High School, Point Loma High School’s closest neighbor: the stadium is rented for more than 340 events a year, 267 were at night and 198 continued after 9pm – more than every other night of the entire calendar year.

Did you know that PLHS does not receive the money from renting out its fields?

It goes to the school district to be used as the district wishes. A rumor is circulating that 60% of the rental income from PLHS goes back to the school. HOWEVER, the school district has said this is not true, that no district official said this, and no documentation for this figure exists.

Go to our website to read about the various issues facing the Point Loma community as a result of the plan by the school district to commercialize school athletic fields by increasing rental of the fields for non-school events:  http://pro-pointloma.org.

What can you do?

Say “NO!” to increasing the rental of PLHS athletic fields. Say “NO!”to commercial-grade night lights, sound system, animated scoreboard and professional-sized press box.

It is very important for our community to be involved in the PLHS EIR process. Sign up for an EIR Committee (Commercialization;

Lights, Looks & Litter; Neighborhood Safety; Noise; Parking & Traffic) by contacting PPL: info@pro-pointloma.org. If you have already signed up, your committee captain will be in contact with you.

Please support our operating expenses and donate now! Visit our website to donate and learn more: http://pro-pointloma.org.



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