Will our hearts be broken?

Will our hearts be broken like the hears of those who live around Clairemont High School?


Residents who live near Clairemont High School shared what has happened to their neighborhood after the stadium upgrades: “Wake Up! You have no idea what’s coming!”

One homeowner went on to state: “I have endured over 2 years of what you’re about to get.  The sounds of songbirds will be replaced by ear-splitting music during team practices.  You’ll be a prisoner in your own home on warm days/nights because you can’t open the windows due to the blaring PA system.  Buses will barrel down your quiet residential streets and the lights will remain on into the night for days on end, no matter what they promise.  Being regularly subjected to this level of light glare, activity, and extreme noise may turn out to be the worst experience you’ve had as a homeowner, for you’re no longer entitled to the comfort and enjoyment of your own property.  The determination of our school district to steamroll more and more of San Diego’s residential neighborhoods with these unwanted ‘improvements’ and the resulting clamorous atmosphere is shocking and should be stopped before more communities are destroyed in the process.”

If you can’t imagine how the 90 foot tall light poles and commercial grade speakers will change the landscape and evening quiet of our neighborhoods, visit Clairemont High School to see what happened after the school district upgraded the stadium.  Clairemont High School is located at 4150 Ute Drive, San Diego 92117.

Directions from Point Loma:

I-5 N, Take the Balboa Ave East exit.  Turn right onto Garnet Ave.  Continue onto Balboa Ave.  Turn right onto Modoc Street, then right onto Ute Drive.  Clairemont High School will be on the right.  Make sure to go around the campus to see the impact on the homes to the south and west of the campus.

One size does not fit all!  The school district cannot treat the neighborhoods surrounding its high schools as though they don’t count.

Go to http://pro-pointloma.org and read about the issues facing the community as a result of the school district’s plans to create a commercial-grade athletic facility at PLHS.  Please donate now to help cover our operating costs.



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