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While your donations are needed to support ongoing litigation, your name on our petition is helpful, too. Both the School District and the Superior Court have been advised that more than 800 neighbors have signed the petition against using stadium lights and the powerful audio system to commercialize the football field into a rent-a-stadium available to outside operators like the raucous, for-profit VAVi young-adult sports-and-drinking leagues renting other school fields and lighted parks, night and day.

Let’s tell the School District, Superior Court and the press we now have even more signatures, people like you who want to preserve what’s left of Loma Portal’s peace and limited quiet.

Please sign (register) below and we’ll email you updates on the construction, lighting, sound testing and our progress in the courtroom.

Here’s where Pro Point Loma and PLHS neighbors stand:

“We, the undersigned, including neighbors, proud alumni, parents and supporters of Point Loma High School, want the lighting of the football field stopped until a binding, enforceable Field-Use Agreement is negotiated that preserves athletic field facilities primarily for student use, reasonably limits lighted nighttime use, permits limited neighborhood use and prohibits third-party rental commercialization.”

Thank you! 
Your financial support also is greatly needed and a wise investment to save Loma Portal’s quality of life. Please, contribute funds securely with PayPal using the Donate button near the top of this page,
 Please send a check payable to Pro Point Loma to PPL, 2174 Clove St., San Diego, CA 92106
Thanks again.